Prescribed Parts – Commonly Asked Questions

This page contains a List of Commonly Asked Questions relating to Prescribed Parts.

Prescribed Parts

  • Click on ‘Create New’
  • Enter the details of the part and its origin
  • If you enter a Purchase invoice number and click ‘Save and purchase’ a Purchase order will be generated.
  • If you click save only the part will be available in the prescribed parts list
  • Navigate to either the Job, Sale or Purchase Order screens
  • Click ‘Create New’
  • Enter sales or purchase information
  • Click in the type column and select ‘Prescribed Part’
  • Select or type in the part code
  • Enter any other required parts or services as normal
  • Click ‘Save’ to save the Job, Sale or Purchase Order
  • Click on Reports > Register Reports
  • Select which report you want to run and click the PDF button