This Feature has been superseded by Services with Fixed and Item Charges and is only listed here for informational purposes. If you have existing Kits, they can still be used in Workshop Mate.

Kits are a combination of Parts & Services or multiple parts, which can be saved as a template together for when you do invoices.

Search for an existing kit.

Creates a new kit that can be used for jobs.

Enter a kit name.

Barcodes are automatically generated from the kit name, but can be manually changed. Barcode needs to be unique, not only for kits but for consumables, services and parts as well.

Enter a kit description. This can be the activities associated with the kit.

Select a product type to be added to the kit. This can either be a service or a part.

Select from the dropdown or type the product code. The product code that can be entered is based on the product type selection.

This is the estimated hours and minutes for services. This field will be blank when parts has been selected.

Enter the number of items or services to be included in the kit. Default quantity is one.

Removes the kit from use when selected.

These are prices calculated based off your selling price for each product selected.