In this screen you can add, edit or deactivate services along with setting up Next scheduled services.

When you enter the screen there will be no services displayed, to view existing services click on search, then enter in the search bar what you would like to search on.

Creates new service that can be used for jobs & part sales.

Usually an abbreviated code to simplify speed up the process of selecting a service.

This field will default to service name however it must be unique across all services & Parts. If a barcode is used for parts & service it makes data entry fast & easy for the user whilst creating Jobs, purchase orders & parts sales. Barcode needs to be unique, not only for services but for parts, consumables and kits as well.

The number of estimated hours that would be spent on this service.

The number of estimated minutes that would be spent on this service.

When this option is ticked you will be able to select a next service and duration in which the next service should occur. This will allow you to use the service reminders customers whilst doing jobs.

Price will be based on an hourly rate.

Price will be fixed based on the values entered, you can also add Parts and Consumables to a Fixed Charge Service to be included on the Job.

Price will be calculated based on the Parts and Consumables added to the Service, these Parts and Consumables will also be included on the Job.

Displays a List of your Price Levels and the default prices applied to the service based on the settings selected.

Used to explain the work that is done in this service. This information will be displayed on the invoice to the customer. E.g. replace filters, drain oil, etc.

Ticking this box will deactivate this service so it will be hidden from your service listing.