Job Allocation

The Job Allocation screen allows you to allocate Jobs/Bookings to mechanics so you can monitor mechanic productivity and manage your bookings.

This tab is used to see a quick view of how many jobs are booked in for a day.

  • Please note the help button in the top right corner which will explain the graphs and codes on the page
  • You can click on a day in the calendar to view details of what has been booked for a certain day

This tab will allow you to allocate jobs to mechanics for a selected date.

  • To start using the ‘Job Allocation’ screen you must have mechanics in the system Refer to Company Users on how to set these up
  • Setup Mechanic working hours Refer to Work Hour Settings on how to do this
  • To allocate mechanics to particular job you will need to have the job saved and confirmed in the system
  • Go to ‘Sales/Jobs’ menu
  • Select ‘Job Allocation’
  • You will now see a job allocation management page
  • To allocate a particular mechanic to a job click on the ‘Allocate’ Tab
  • Select the date you want to allocate jobs for
  • The job will be listed and it will display the available services that can be allocated to different mechanics
  • In the column ‘Select Mechanic’ choose the mechanic you want to allocate the service to
  • Select a time if required
  • Choose a status if required

This tab will show you the jobs that have been allocated for each mechanic for a certain date.

  • Select a date
  • View and click on jobs that have been allocated to mechanics
  • View activities in different colour depending on whether the vehicle is in progress working on etc.

This tab will give a mechanic a view of what jobs they have allocated to them.

  • Click on the mechanic/ login name in the top right
  • Click ‘View Roster’
  • Select a date
  • Change the status of a job.
  • Options for status include: Complete, Working On, In progress, New
  • Simply click ‘Clock on’ to mark the job as Working on
  • Click ‘Clock off’ to mark the job as in progress