Bookings – Commonly Asked Questions


  • Click on ‘Sales/Jobs’
  • Click ‘Bookings’
  • Click ‘Create New’
  • Select or add a new customer
  • Enter the estimated hours for the booking
  • Select the vehicle registration
  • Select the booking data and time, you can click on use selected date
  • Enter a service description if required, e.g. customer reported the brakes are squeaky
  • Click ‘Create Booking’
Option 1
  • Go to ‘Sales/Jobs’
  • Click on ‘Bookings’
  • Enter a range
  • Click ‘Search’
Option 2
  • Go to Sales/Jobs
  • Click on ‘Job Allocation’
  • In the calendar below select the date and the booked jobs will appear in a list
  • Create a booking for a customer
  • Ensure the customer has a Mobile number or Email address (depending on how you want to remind them)
  • Go to Settings > Booking Reminders
  • Ensure the tick for Enable email or SMS booking reminders is ticked
  • Select a time frame of when you would like to remind the customer
  • Adjust templates if required.
  • Based on these settings WSM will automatically email or SMS the customer prior to their booking