Bookings allow you to specify a Time and Date for a Job, which you can then Allocate a Mechanic to do.

How to create New Booking in WorkshopMate

Commonly Asked Questions

Searching can be done between any date periods. When appropriate job is found it can be printed or selected by clicking the Job Number & if needed the booking date can be altered.

Creates a new booking.

Select existing customer or add a new customer.

Enter the estimated hour of the booking.

Select the vehicle the booking is for.

Enter the date for the booking.

Enter any information the customer might have provided you about the booking, for example, the brakes are squeaking when they brake.

Enter the Estimated Booking time.

Displays a list of mechanics available for the selected day and the available hours.

Use this option to book for whichever date is selected in the calendar.

Finalise the booking.

Return to main screen without saving.