This screen allows you to Create new Jobs and View and Update existing Jobs in Workshop Mate as well as produce Quotes and Invoices for work on vehicles.

Jobs can be made up of Services, Parts, Consumables and Sublets. Commonly Asked Questions

How to add a new Job into WorkshopMate

First enter the Customers name or create a new customer if they don’t exist. Customers can also be found by first searching for their vehicle in the vehicle search box.

If no vehicle exists create a new vehicle or leave blank if the Job does not involve any vehicles.

Defaults to current date but can be altered if needed.

Defaults to current date when finalising sale but can be altered if needed.

If the customer has supplied you with a Purchase order number it can be entered then will automatically print on the invoice.

Enter the odometer at time of service.

If parts have been into the system with barcode scan & they will appear on the sales invoice. This field can be used to manually type the bar code & by hitting enter it will be also added to the sale.

This will default to excluding GST or including GST depending on default settings in company settings however it can be changed whilst creating the sale.

Enter how many of this product is sold, for oils partial quantities can be enter for example 1.5

Cost per item for this Product

Price per item for this product

If no GST applies to the product choose No GST

If unit price is not known a total can be entered which back calculates unit price.

This message will be printed on the lower portion of the invoice.

If customer is to be changed Freight enter the amount.

Rounding will be applied automatically depending on settings in Company details (5 or 10 Cents).

Saves as a quote only & indicates job has not yet been approved or started.

Saves as a Confirmed Job, indicating the Customer has approved the job or job has started.

Saves the Job and Produces an Invoice, indicating that the Job has been completed.

Once you have Saved a Job, you will also have the below options:

Add a receipt to the Job, this will also apply to the invoice if the Job has been Invoiced.

This will allow you to Cancel the Job entirely, you will not be able to undo this.

Cancel the Invoice on the Job, allowing you to update the details and re-invoice.

Update the Job (If not already Invoiced)

Print or Email a Quote to the Customer.

Print or Email a Repair Order to the Customer.

Print or Email the Invoice to the Customer.

Print a Job Card.

Notify the Customer that the Job is complete and that their vehicle is ready for pickup.