Consumables are resources in the Workshop that are not tracked for Stock Control, this can include items such as rags, cleaners and even a generic ‘Labour’ consumable for adding to Services to denote time spent for a particular service – e.g. Time spent on a Supply & Fit for a new Air Filter

Search for an existing consumable.

Creates a new part that can be used for jobs, part sales, and purchases.

Enter a code to distinguish the consumable from other items.

Enter a name for the new consumable.

Barcodes are automatically generated from the item code, but can be manually changed. Barcode needs to be unique, not only for consumables but for parts, services and kits as well.

Enter the cost of buying the item from the supplier.

Enter the recommended selling price of the item. The price level would automatically calculate based on the selling price and the markdown percentage.

these are prices calculated based off your selling price and the markdown %

Enter a short description of the consumable.

Removes the consumable from use when selected.