Company Users

In this section you are able to setup other users for Workshop Mate using their email address and a password.

Click Create new to add a new user or select a user to make changes to an existing user.

email address entered here is used as a user logon name for the workmate system.

reference only & helps identify the user.

Reference only

Must be between 6 & 60 characters. User may change his password at any time if necessary.

Prevents the user from login into the system essentially deactivating the account. Can be reactivated at any time. This option will not appear for the owners/Master account holder.

These control what areas of Workshop Mate the user has access to:

  • Administrator – An administrator can do everything except access subscription information
  • Manager – Managers can do the same as Administrators, except they don’t have access to settings
  • Accountant – An accountant only has access to Xero and MYOB settings and Reports
  • Mechanic – Mechanics have access to Job/Sale, Booking, Purchase and Maintenance functionality. Mechanics should also be assigned Working Hours so you can book jobs to the mechanic. If these hours aren’t setup you will not be able to assign jobs to them.