Company Details

Company details can be changed by you or another user at any time.

This will be printed on paper work such as Invoices, Job cards etc. unless a custom letter header is created or Pre-printed paper is used.

Australian Business Number

Motor Vehicle Repairers Licence

Australian and New Zealand Zones only for correct record keeping.

This will determine default hours displayed when creating bookings. Bookings can only be created between these times.

This will be your return address shown on outgoing emails such as service reminders, Booking reminders & Job complete emails.

will display on Invoices, Purchase orders, Job cards & reminders

reference field only

Can be set to 0 for no Rounding to take place. If 5 cents or 10 cents is selected an automatic rounding will be applied to totals for Parts sales & Jobs, this can be overridden at time of creating a Sale, Job or Purchase Order.

GST exclusive – > GST inclusive, this defaults all data entry screens to show either Ex or Inc. GST values. This can be changed at any time depending on prices that you receive from suppliers be Inc or Ex GST.

This rate can be changed depending on the tax rate for your country. The default is 10%.

will be printed on paper work including Purchase orders & Jobs.

will be printed on Invoices for part sales. Select ‘Tick to use same address if addresses are the same.