Getting Started

This guide is designed to assist users who are new to Workshop Mate get up and running.

Before you can start entering Jobs, Sales and Purchases, you need to set up a few things in the Settings Menu first:

  • Company Details – This includes your Company’s Name and Contact details which will appear at the top of Invoices and Purchase Orders produced in Workshop Mate
  • Company Users – This allows you to set up additional users so that your Mechanics and other employees can access the system as well
  • Subscription Details – You can configure your subscription information from here and update your payment details if necessary
  • General Settings – This allows you to set your Average Labour Hourly Cost for your Profit Reports

Once this information is set up, you are ready to start entering your Parts and Services from the Maintenance Menu

  • Some of these items can be Imported, please refer to Import/Export for more information on Importing Data.
  • Price Levels – Before setting up any Parts or Services, you should set up your Price Levels, these allow you to set discounts for certain types of Customers
  • Parts, Consumables, Services, Sublets – These are the items that you will be adding to your Jobs, Sales and Purchase Orders
  • Customers, Vehicles – These can be set up as you are entering Jobs and Sales for the customer, but you also have the option to enter them ahead of time
  • Suppliers – You will need to enter a supplier before you can place a Purchase Order with them, as with Customers and Vehicles, these can be entered as you are creating a Purchase Order as well
  • Inventory Adjustment – Once you have entered your Parts, you may want to set your current stock balance for them, you can do this by creating an Inventory Adjustment

Now that you have this your data entered into Workshop Mate, you are now ready to start creating Jobs, Sales and Purchase Orders:

  • Job – Jobs allow you to book in a Vehicle for Repairs or Maintenance, you will need a Customer and Vehicle to create a Job
  • Sale – A Sale allows you to enter a Part Sale where there is no specific vehicle, you are simply selling a part to a customer
  • Purchase Order – This allows you to enter purchases into Workshop Mate to keep track of Parts that you have ordered or purchased