Bookings – Commonly Asked Questions

Bookings – Commonly Asked Questions Bookings How to Create a Booking Click on ‘Sales/Jobs’ Click ‘Bookings’ Click ‘Create New’ Select... Learn More

Reminders – Commonly Asked Questions

Reminders – Commonly Asked Questions Reminders How to change a service reminder Search for the job either by going to... Learn More

Sales – Commonly Asked Questions

Sales – Commonly Asked Questions Sales How to enter in a new Part sale Navigate to the sales screen Click... Learn More

Jobs – Commonly Asked Questions

Jobs – Commonly Asked Questions This page contains a List of Commonly Asked Questions relating to Jobs What are the... Learn More

Job Allocation

Job Allocation The Job Allocation screen allows you to allocate Jobs/Bookings to mechanics so you can monitor mechanic productivity and... Learn More


Bookings Bookings allow you to specify a Time and Date for a Job, which you can then Allocate a Mechanic... Learn More

Reminders – Search & Post

Reminders – Search & Post Commonly Asked Questions Search The Reminder Search Screen allows you to search for existing Reminders... Learn More


Invoices Search: Searching can be done by Job, Sale number, Customer name or status of Invoice as well as by... Learn More


Receipts Receipts can be entered for both Sales and Jobs and show that an amount of money has been received,... Learn More


Sale The sales screen is used to issue an invoice to a customer for a part or multiple parts only.... Learn More


Jobs This screen allows you to Create new Jobs and View and Update existing Jobs in Workshop Mate as well... Learn More