Import Service Seed

Import Service Seed Workshop Mate has a basic list of services that you might wish to import. You can browse... Learn More


Import/Export Workshop Mate Allows you to import data from a CSV file so long as the “Import Conditions” are met... Learn More

Inventory Adjustments

Inventory Adjustments The Inventory adjustments screen is used to manage your stock levels and do stock level adjustments. Search Search... Learn More

Lookup Entities

Lookup Entities In Lookup Entities you can make changes to existing lookup lists for example: Transmission, Body, Colour, Engine Size,... Learn More

Makes and Models

Makes & Models Makes and models are used when entering vehicles. You can add, edit or delete entries in Workshop... Learn More


Vehicles This is where you can add edit or deactivate vehicles. To edit a vehicle simply click on the vehicle... Learn More


Customers Search Search for an existing customer. Price Level Filter Customers by their Price Level. Create New Creates a new... Learn More


Suppliers Search Search for an existing supplier. Create New Creates a new supplier contact. Supplier Name Enter a supplier business... Learn More

Price Levels

Price Levels Price Levels are used to control the prices you charge your customers. Create New Adds a new price... Learn More


Sublets Search Search for an existing sublet. Create New Creates a new sublet that can be used for Jobs and... Learn More

Maintenance Services

Services In this screen you can add, edit or deactivate services along with setting up Next scheduled services. Searching Services... Learn More


Kits This Feature has been superseded by Services with Fixed and Item Charges and is only listed here for informational... Learn More


Consumables Consumables are resources in the Workshop that are not tracked for Stock Control, this can include items such as... Learn More

Prescribed Parts – Commonly Asked Questions

Prescribed Parts – Commonly Asked Questions This page contains a List of Commonly Asked Questions relating to Prescribed Parts. Prescribed... Learn More

Prescribed Parts

Prescribed Parts Prescribed parts are parts that are required to be recorded on a Form 2 vehicle register in NSW.... Learn More


Parts In this screen you can add, edit and deactivate parts. Search Search for an existing parts. Create New Creates... Learn More